5th day in Hamilton Island

So today we woke up and went straight down stairs and had some delicious breakfast. After that we went canoing at the beach again. After that we went for lunch and it was like yesterday amazing food which is so good. After that we went for at walk and we went to this bakery and got these cupcakes and they are so pretty after that we went out for dinner and yeah I enjoyed that as well. Here is a really good photo of the cupcakes.

4th day in Hamilton Island

So today we woke up and went canoing at the beautiful beach. I was canoing by myself, close to the shore. After that we went to this different pool with is so good because you can play volley ball and soccer and everything else. In the middle of the pool is a bar and there’s under water seats so that’s pretty awesome. So then we came back to our hotel and swam in our hotel pool which is also huge so yeah and the. We went out for lunch and it was probably the best lunch I have ever have so that’s pretty good. So that was my exhausting day so yeah. Here is a photo of the pool.


3rd day in Hamilton Island

So today we went out for breakfast and I had some delicious food which is good. Then we went for a walk down to the very small township and looked in a few shops. After we came back from doing all that we went in the swimming pool which is very refreshing from all of that hot weather. So after the pool we went back up to the room and relaxed. Then after that busy day we went out for dinner and the place was called coca Chu it is a delicious Chinese food place. My family is obsessed with spice but I hate spice so yeah. So that was my exhausting day so yeah.

Day 2 at Hamilton Island

Hi 5A I am enjoying Hamilton island so far so yeah now I will tell her you a bit about my day. Firstly this morning I went out for breakfast and I had fruit and some other things that I forgot. Then after breakfast I went swimming and in the swimming pool we were playing a lot of games so that was really fun and entertaining. Then  we went for a bus trip around Hamilton island and we saw all of the damage that the cyclone made which was pretty terrible. I went with my sisters and of course my dad. So that was my exhausting day here in Hamilton Island so yeah and here are some pictures of the damaging here in Hamilton Island and here are some of the dead palm trees.




Hamilton Island

Hi 5A I am having a wonderful day so far here in Hamilton island. We got here at about 2:40 pm which is great. We are staying at the most wonderful hotel I have ever discovered. We had to take 2 aeroplane trips. So one of them was to go to Sydney and then the other one was going to Hamilton island. We are so close to all the shops and the beautiful beaches which is also great. It took us 6 hours in total to get here which is pretty exhausting. Now here is a wonderful picture of the view from our balcony.


Gisborne Secondary Collage

Today we went to Gisborne Secondary College and we did two activities. The activities were art and drama. The first one was drama and we did a little bit of miming and a little bit of acting but we couldn’t speak.

When we were heading to art I saw my sister and she is in year nine. She told me not to say hi but I did anyway. Her friends waved at me anyway.

So we got in the art room and we had to make some discs and have to draw on them. The art teacher said mine was amazing. I really enjoyed and I can’t wait to go back there later on in the year. I can’t even wait to be in high school.




N.G.P.S School Concert

I walk up the stairs on to the stage with my nerves about to explode with excitement and then the song began! We were doing one call away by Charlie Puth. We were all going in time with each other with the dance moves. It was like we were professionals. Me and Ruby did a 1 handed cartwheel together but we were holding hands.

Now I’m going to tell you my favourite dances 1st it was Dance Off, 2nd it was Jump Around, 3rd it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 4th Thriller by the teachers and of corse our dance.

I was in the front row of the dance on the very end next to Georgia, she was next to Macey then she was next to Ruby and Ruby was next to Quinn and he was next to Kade and that was the whole front row. We all had a fantastic time I enjoyed the whole thing. It was the best concert I have ever been to from N.G.P.S.

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